Dame Vivienne Westwood:

Dame Westwood gav real talk til Bread & Butter preevent

Zalando afholdte i sidste uge et Pre-event for deres kommende Bread & Butter show (B&&B), der finder sted i Berlin til september. 

Årets motto for B&&B er 'BOLD', og i den forbindelse havde de inviteret den legendariske Dame Vivienne Westwood med som taler. (Og som paneldeltager i efteråret.). 

Her gav Zalando uforvarende ordet til Westwood, der gik all in på at fortælle, hvad der lagde hende på hjerte.


Vivienne fortalte anekdoter fra hendes barndom, om hvordan hun hele livet har gået med en form for aktivisme i hjertet.

"I don't know what's going on in the world. People are torturing people. I'm against that. I think the world is terribly mismanaged. I got the from my childhood, seeing an image of the crucifiction. It shocked my into being a freedom fighter all my life... All activism is about putting yourself in other people's shoes, and imagine: That could be me. I thought it was my duty to do it. 

Can a talented person survive in this business world? I wanted to find out."

Hun fortsatte med at adressere et problem hun ser i vores nuværende måde at agere på:

"We live in an age of consumption. It is out fault, that we are in danger of a mass extinction, in the next generation. We don't even care.. Or we can't deal with what is going on. You never ever get the complete picture.

That picture (Red. nummer 2 i galleriet), It's the best thing that I ever did. I took a map from NASA, public information and drew a line - and everything that is below that line, is in danger of extinction. The green bit is all that is left. What that map tells you, is that by the end of this century, there will only be 1 billion people left. And that's the world you're living in. That's what governments is preparing for. They don't mind. It's beyond imagination...

How do you become bold? I think you have to make a choice. I think that 50% of people in the world have never really made a choice. I think the same 50% they just fullow their desire. They think they make a choice, but they never do. They just consume. Consume opinions. And everything, like McDonalds, things you suck up with a straw. 

If you want bold, this is what you've got to do: You've got to choose. And you have to choose less. You can't just keep on bying things. 

The best thing I've ever said is: Buy less, choose well, make it last. And that means, this season: Don't buy anything! Anything at all. You've got to start somewhere.

What have you done? What have you done to be friendly to the environment? What have you done today?"

Man må sige at den 76-årige dame, stadig er punk som bare pokker. Se hele den interessante debat her, startpunkt 15 minutter inde: 


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